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Maxed Fishing LLC

The Badger - Nov. 2023

The Badger - Nov. 2023

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Introducing the Badger Glide Bait by Maxed Lures - a game-changer in the world of fishing lures.

  • - Slow sinking
  • - 5.75” from tip to tail
  • - 1 ounce
  • -Handmade in the USA

The Badger stands out from the crowd, redefining expectations in a market saturated with the ordinary. Its unique design and simplicity makes it a true standout, offering a fishing experience unlike anything else available. Experience fishing like never before with the Badger, which has a distinctive action and can be used in three different ways: slow retrieve, chop, and burn.

At just one ounce, the Badger is incredibly lightweight, and can be easily cast and maneuvered with a medium heavy setup. It even comes with its own protective case for added convenience.

Embrace the evolution of fishing with the Badger Glide Bait, a symbol of unrelenting commitment to innovation and excellence. Get ready to push boundaries and redefine what it means to be an angler.

***Only shipping within the USA at this time! International shipping coming soon!***

***This is a handmade product; therefore, there may be imperfections. These imperfections will not affect the function of the lure. All lures are fully tested before shipping. No returns/refunds will be accepted.***

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