Frequently Asked Questions

Why do all of the lures show as out of stock?

Our glides are handmade. We sell them in scheduled "drops" once we have enough on-hand!

When is our next drop?

Our drop information is always announced on our Instagram, Facebook, and the website. Make sure to follow us on our social media (@maxedlures) to stay up to date with drops, new products, and giveaways!

Can I preorder one of your glide baits?

Because our lures are handmade and have high demand, we rarely do preorders. Preorders will always be announced on our social media and will have a very strict open and close date/time.

I placed more than one order on a drop, will everything be shipped together?

No! To protect ourselves form chargebacks, we will never combine packages without a written request. If you'd like everything shipped together, you can send us an email at We will refund you the extra shipping charges if everything is shipped together.

Why did a glide bait disappear from my cart before I could buy it?

We have thousands of customers on the website at drop time and a very limited number of lures. Adding a glide to your cart does not reserve it for you. If that specific glide bait sells out before you have a chance to buy it, it will automatically disappear from your cart.